Prolong the life of your transmission

A transmission is only as good as its owner, and the rigors that they put it through.  There are a few things that you can do to prolong the life of your transmission. Change the fluid when the manufacturer suggests that you should.  It is easy to open up the hood, check the dipstick, see … Read more

700R4 Performance

The 700r4 transmission is certainly fine to use in performance applications.  They don’t have the best reputation for durability, and that is a shame.  The TH700R4 really only had reliability issues in its first few years.  If you are looking for what year to go after, checkAfter that the kinks really were worked out. Build … Read more

Transmission Swap

Disclaimer:  If you are doing this yourself make sure you have a transmission jack, that it is safe to get under the car and that you know what you are doing.  Transmission are almost a couple hundred pounds.  Don’t go getting yourself seriously injured or killed.  This is a project that requires a high level … Read more

Concerning Hondas…..

This is somewhat off of the subject for this site, but on the way home from Gulf Shores last week my wife’s 2008 Honda Fit(It married into my garage) lost 5th gear and the D light started blinking on the column.  It’ll go into a sort of limp mode.  We noticed some really rough shifts.   … Read more

700R4 and the LS1 conversion

A lot of vehicles that people consider doing the LS swap in already come with a healthy 700R4.  If you want to save money by keeping your current transmission, it can be done.  The most difficult  issue that you will run into would be where to mount the TV cable.  The transmission itself will bolt … Read more