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  1. Good morning!
    I am an owner of one CHevy C10 Truck With ab 6.2Ltr. Diesel
    and it is a Th700R4 into it.
    My plan is to install one GM 350 engine into the truck.
    Can I use the same transmission on that gasoline engine.
    The indification no. is : 91J117D I do not understand that code, only the year. 1982-1985 ?
    In advance thank you for Your replay.


  2. those rpo codes you mention about the 4t65e-hd, mn7 is also the same code for many buick park avenues,only the ones that are supercharged, I drive an 02, and currently searching for one for my 03, just sharing additional information which is true and correct

    • Thank you, Jason. I’m fixing it right now. If you have a sight you’d like me to link to I’ll throw it on there and give you credit for improving the site. Thanks again!

  3. Hey jason, i read that p0420 on a cruze is most likely the upstream sensor problem, how likely will the check engine go away if i change the sensor would you say around 80%.

  4. Hey, I just wanted to point out something that was said regarding the casing of the 4l60e vs 4l65e. In one article you state both transmissions mount to crossmember in the same location but this would actually not be true if you were comparing an earlier LT1 style 4l60e to a 4l65e. I assume the LS 60e and 65e have the same crossmember mount point, but I recently swapped an Lt1 casing for an LS casing 60e and the trans mount on the LS 60e was located a few inches further forward than the LT requiring some significant crossmember modifications to my tubular crossmember. I’m actually trying to figure out now if there was any height difference in the mounting pad location but I suspect the LS’s mounting pad is shorter as the motor seems to now sit back at a steeper angle while using the same poly mount.

    Just figured it was worth noted because prior to bolting up the LS transmission and realizing the issue I never read anyone mention on the net that there would be a significant difference in trans mount locations between the LT1 and LS1 60e. May help someone else who decided to ditch their LT1 60e for an LS1 60e or 65e on their LS swap.

  5. I was just checking out the transmission rpo code page, I was looking for M32. M32 is, as you say on your page, the code for an Izusu 5 speed manual trans BUT as it turns out, M32 is also the code for the 4L65E transmission. The 4L65E I speak of is installed in a 2006 Yukon Denali and the rpo code matches with that. Maybe it has to do with the year of manufacture I don’t know.

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