Every New Car You Can Get in The US with a Stick

Every year, the number of vehicles sold in the US with a manual transmission decreases. Heck, you can’t even get a Corvette with a third pedal anymore. Still, there are a few cars out there that let you shift for yourself. Get ’em before they’re gone! Acura Integra Honda has always done manual transmissions well, … Read more

Mercedes C-Class Rear Axle Repair Price: Factors and Estimates

Overview of the Rear Axle Repair When considering the maintenance of your Mercedes C-Class, it’s crucial to recognize the importance of a functional rear axle for your vehicle’s performance. Specific issues can arise with the rear axle, impacting both the cost and complexity of any repairs required. Significance of the Rear Axle Your rear axle … Read more

Porsche 911 Oil Leak Repair Costs: Insights and Estimates

Common Porsche 911 Oil Leak Issues If you own a Porsche 911, being aware of potential oil leak issues is important for maintaining your vehicle’s health and performance. Common Oil Leak Locations Your Porsche 911 might develop oil leaks at several common locations. These include the rear main seal, valve cover gaskets, and the timing … Read more

Ford Mustang: New Transmission Cost Breakdown and Factors to Consider

Overview of Transmission Replacement for 18 Ford Mustang When your 2018 Ford Mustang requires a new transmission, you’re looking at a significant maintenance task. Transmission replacement is a complex process that involves disassembling the drivetrain and removing the old transmission before installing a new one. Cost Factors: Options available: Steps Involved: When considering replacement, it’s … Read more

Tesla Model 3: Battery Upgrade Price – Investment and Performance Analysis

Tesla Model 3 Battery Overview The Tesla Model 3 features a high-performance battery pack that provides significant electric range and power, demonstrating advancements in electric vehicle technology. Overview of Battery Specifications Battery Type: The Tesla Model 3 comes equipped with a Lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery. Manufacturer: Tesla manufactures their batteries in-house, using advanced battery cells. Battery … Read more

Jeep Cherokee Windshield Wiper Motor Price: A Cost Overview

Overview of Windshield Wiper Motor for 2023 Jeep Cherokee The windshield wiper motor is a key component in your 2023 Jeep Cherokee that powers the wiper system to clear rain, snow, and debris. It is an electric motor located typically under the hood, near the windshield. Your vehicle’s wiper motor has specific attributes: Replacing a … Read more

BMW 3 Series: Understanding Head Gasket Replacement Costs

Overview of BMW 3 Series Head Gasket Replacement Replacing the head gasket in your BMW 3 Series is a significant repair that involves substantial labor due to the complexity of the engine. The head gasket is a crucial component that seals the engine block to the cylinder head, preventing oil, coolant, and combustion gases from … Read more

Subaru Forester Brake Fluid Change Price: What to Expect

When and How Much to Change the Forester’s Brake Fluid When considering maintenance for your Subaru Forester, replacing the brake fluid is a crucial procedure. Brake fluid, over time, absorbs moisture which can reduce its effectiveness and potentially lead to brake system corrosion or failure. Frequency of Change: It is generally recommended to replace your … Read more