GMC Yukon Backup Camera Not Working

Yukon Backup Camera Coming On

If your GMC Yukon has a backup camera that is not working, here are the most common causes and how to troubleshoot them.

A backup camera is an essential part of life when running these large SUV’s. They make it a lot more convenient to get in and out of the grocery store parking lots, little league games, and camp sites.

Even if you aren’t a big user of the backup camera, it’s worth fixing just to get rid of the “check your surroundings” message.

Troubleshooting GMC Yukon Backup Camera Not Working

All of these problems can cause the backup camera to stop working on your Yukon.

  1. Bad Shifter Alignment– This is a really easy one to check. Have somebody stand behind your Yukon, and put it in reverse. Have them tell you if the back up lights come on.If the back up lights don’t come on that very well could mean that the vehicle’s electronics system knows that it is in reverse. This can happen when things get out of alignment. Now that you are back there, go ahead and see if the reverse lights come on in any gear. It may have been a bigger problem than you realized.
  2. Bad Camera– These cameras are exposed to the elements, which means that they have to be pretty durable. They certainly can go bad. With the GMC Yukon in particular, they can go out. Tap your inner Fonzie, and give it a flick. It very well could turn back on again. If it does come back to life, you know it’s going bad.
  3. Short Circuit– While it’s not the most likely of causes, the a short-circuit can cause the reverse camera to stop functioning . Here’s a video on diagnosing a short.
  4. Blown Fuse– One of the most common causes of a bad back up camera in the GMC Yukon is a bad fuse. The first time that you experience a bad fuse, it should be cause for concern, but not alarm. Go ahead and install a new fuse, and if the problem goes away you’re good to go. If the problem persists, then it’s time to look at the possibility that you have a short-circuit.
  5. Check Under the Passenger Seat–  There is a box under the seat that controls the backup camera wiring.  Sometimes the harness is kicked loose, or a wire can be ripped from the harness itself.  This is a very common cause of Yukon backup camera issues.

Another thing to consider when trying to diagnose why your GMC Yukon might have a backup camera that’s not working is whether or not you are getting the “check your surroundings” message. If the screen doesn’t activate at all or give you that warning, than it’s very likely that you aren’t getting a signal from the camera, or the fuse is blown.

Good luck diagnosing your backup camera issues. Hope this helps.