4L60E Problems: No Reverse

One of the most common problems with the 4L60E is that the reverse gear will go out.  Having no reverse can be a tricky issue, especially if you happened to park against a wall.  Below we will cover the most common problems that cause reverse to fail.     4L60E No Reverse Causes Low Reverse … Read more

TH350 vs 4L60E: Comparing the Differences

The TH350 was GM’s go to transmission for light duty vehicles for at least 20 years.  Beginning in the early nineties, the 4L60E began to be the go to transmission for GM light duty cars and trucks.  When comparing the TH350 vs the 4L60E, there are many differences. GM made the 4L60/700R4 before the 4L60E. … Read more

Best Performance and Racing 4L60E (For Any Budget)

Even from the factory, the 4L60E can handle some serious horsepower.  The newer the model, the better off it’s going to do with no modification.  A common myth that people believe is that to handle some serious horsepower you need a 4L80E.  This is not the case.  A well-built 4L60E can handle over a thousand … Read more

700r4 vs 4L60E

The 700R4 and 4L60E transmission are not siblings.  It is better to think of them as the continuation of the same design.  From the early eighties until quite recently it has been in service in GM passenger vehicles and light trucks.  Throughout that whole period, they have constantly improved. When the 4L60E made it into … Read more

4L60E Transmission Problems

The 4L60E transmission is the direct descendent of the 700R4, and as such already had over a decade of refinement put into it before it ever even made it into production.  This means that even the early ones were pretty good from day one of their production life.  While there have been many case changes … Read more