GM Transmission Pump Alignment Tool

Most of the longitudinal GM Automatic Transmissions have similar sized pumps.  This makes it nice, because one pump  One GM Pump alignment band is compatible with most GM Automatic Transmissions.

A pump alignment tool is simple tool, much like a ring compressor, that makes it possible to align the pump body to the pump body.


SST-1097:  Works with most GM automatics

The SST-1097 is compatible with the following transmissions:

  • TH250, TH250C
  • TH350, TH350-C, TH375
  • TH400, TH425, TH475, 3L80, 3L80-HD,
  • 700R4, 4L60
  • 4L60E
  • PowerGlide

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SST-2962:  Works with the 4L80E only

Due to the larger size of the 4l80E transmission, its front pump is too large for the standard sized tool.  This tool will work just fine for the 4L80E only.

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