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  1. John Kristian Blaasvaer says:

    Good morning!
    I am an owner of one CHevy C10 Truck With ab 6.2Ltr. Diesel
    and it is a Th700R4 into it.
    My plan is to install one GM 350 engine into the truck.
    Can I use the same transmission on that gasoline engine.
    The indification no. is : 91J117D I do not understand that code, only the year. 1982-1985 ?
    In advance thank you for Your replay.


    • Jason says:

      John, It will certainly work. There will be a few issues though. The first is that a diesel engine shifts way before a gas engine ever will. So when you put a 350 in there the transmission will shift super early. You’ll have to get a shift kit to change the shift points to match your new motor. Also, the converter won’t work properly with it either. Just order the one for your vehicle with the 350/305 application. Here is some further reading. Good luck!

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