Toyota Highlander: New Headlight Cost; Quick Guide

Toyota Highlander

Certainly! Adding the cost for a non-LED headlight bulb replacement for a Toyota Highlander:

ComponentTypical Replacement Cost
Headlight Assembly$150 to $700 per headlight (parts and labor)
Headlight Bulb (Non-LED)$20 to $100 per bulb (parts and labor)
  • Headlight Bulb (Non-LED): This cost range covers traditional halogen and HID bulbs, including the cost of the bulb itself and the labor to install it. Halogen bulbs are generally at the lower end of this price range, while HID bulbs can be more expensive due to their higher intensity and complexity.

Replacing just the bulb is a more cost-effective option if the rest of the headlight assembly is functional and undamaged. As with any automotive repair, the actual costs can vary based on local labor rates and the source of the replacement parts.

Overview of Toyota Highlander Headlight Costs

A Toyota Highlander with two new headlights, one on each side, costing $46 each

When considering the replacement of your Toyota Highlander’s headlights, you’ll encounter varying costs that depend on multiple factors.

Average Price Range

The cost of new headlights for a Toyota Highlander typically ranges from $150 to $700.

  • Aftermarket: $150 – $300
  • OEM: $350 – $700

Factors Affecting Cost

Several factors can influence the total cost of your new headlights:

  1. Type of Bulb
    • Halogen: Less expensive
    • HID/Xenon: More expensive
    • LED: Most expensive
  2. Headlight Assembly
    • Full assembly replacements cost more than bulb replacements.
  3. Labor Costs
    • Can vary based on your location and the service provider.
  4. Brand of Headlight
    • Premium brands tend to be more costly.

It’s important to note that purchasing headlights in pairs can sometimes offer cost savings compared to buying a single headlight.

Headlight Replacement Process for Toyota Highlander

Replacing the headlights on your Toyota Highlander requires selecting the correct type of headlight and following a specific set of steps to install them properly.

Choosing the Right Headlights

Before purchasing new headlights, you need to confirm the year and model of your Toyota Highlander, as compatibility may vary.

The two main types of headlights you’ll encounter are:

  • Halogen: Most common and affordable, with easy installation.
  • LED: More expensive, but offer longer lifespan and better visibility.

Check your vehicle’s manual for the recommended headlight type and bulb size. Ensure that the headlights have the appropriate DOT or SAE certification to meet legal safety standards.

Installation Procedure

The process of installing new headlights in your Toyota Highlander involves a few clear steps. Make sure your vehicle is turned off before starting.

  1. Accessing the Headlight Assembly:
    • Open the hood.
    • Locate the back of the headlight assembly.
  2. Removing the Old Headlight:
    • Detach the power connector from the old bulb.
    • Turn the bulb counterclockwise to remove it from the assembly.
  3. Installing the New Headlight:
    • Handle the new bulb with clean gloves to avoid contamination.
    • Align the new bulb with the assembly notch and insert it.
    • Turn the bulb clockwise to secure it.
    • Reconnect the power connector.

After installation, test the new headlights to ensure they function correctly. Adjust the headlight beams if necessary to ensure proper alignment on the road.

Additional Considerations for Headlight Expenses

When considering the cost of new headlights for your Toyota Highlander, be mindful of warranty coverage and long-term maintenance, as these can impact your total expenses.

Warranty and Coverage

Your Highlander’s warranty may partially or fully cover headlight replacement costs.

Always check your vehicle’s warranty terms to verify if headlight expenses are included.

Manufacturer warranties typically cover headlight defects for a limited period; however, coverage for wear and tear or damage from accidents is often excluded.

Long-term Maintenance

Consider the future maintenance costs for your new headlights.

Upgrading to higher-quality bulbs or opting for LED headlights can offer longer lifespans and better performance, potentially reducing future replacement frequency.

Regular cleaning and proper alignment can also extend the life of your headlights and maintain optimal visibility.