P0001 Code: Causes + How to Fix

P0001 Diagnosis

P0001 is a rarely seen OBD II error code. It indicates an electrical issue with your vehicle’s Fuel Volume Regulator (FVR) Control System.

P0001 is usually caused by a wiring problem or issue with the fuel volume regulator. The most difficult issue with diagnosing the fuel system is getting to the parts.  

While not a very common trouble code, P0001 is often seen in Powerstroke Super Duty trucks and the Chevy Silverado.

P0001: Quick Info

DefinitionP0001: Fuel Volume Regulator Control – Circuit/Open
Frequent SymptomsCheck Engine Light, No Start, Limp Mode
Common CausesFaulty Fuel Volume Regulator Solenoid, 
Breakdown Risk?Yes, low fuel pressure can cause engine damage
Repair DifficultyLow-Medium
Estimated Repair Cost (Parts)Around $100

P0001 Definition: Fuel Volume Regulator Control – Circuit Open

P0001 has a relatively straightforward meaning. Here is the definition, separated by its two main parts.

Fuel Volume Regulator Control

The Fuel Volume Regulator keeps too much fuel from entering the engine. Too much fuel pressure can cause the injectors to leak and, in turn, engine problems. 

It’s part of the broader fuel system, which starts at the fuel tank and fuel pump and includes the fuel injection system (fuel lines, fuel rail, and fuel injectors).


The Powertrain Control Module has detected an open circuit in the FVR control system.

P0001 Causes

  • Failed FVR solenoid
  • FVR wiring harness issues

How to Diagnose and Fix P0001

P0001 Fix

Depending on your vehicle’s year, make, model, and engine combination, fuel regulation can be handled in different ways, and the repair procedure will be different.

Here’s a solid order of operations to work through when diagnosing P0001:

1. Check for Other Codes + TSBs

Checking for other codes can help you narrow down the causes of P0001 in your vehicle.  

Technical service bulletins (TSBs) are directives from manufacturers that address specific and well-known problems. They also detail exactly how to repair the problem. If there is one related to the fuel volume regulator, it can save you a lot of time.

You can look them up here:  https://www.nhtsa.gov/recalls

2. Inspect The Wiring Harness Going to the FVR System

P0001 indicates the FVR system is open. Perform a visual inspection of the wiring harness going to/from the FVR control system. Look for burnt, cracked, cut, or otherwise damaged wiring. Make sure there’s a solid ground connection.

Repair the harness as needed. Wiring issues are a VERY COMMON cause of P0001.

3. Test the Harness at the FVR for Voltage

Verify the voltage level at the FVR is correct for your year, make, and model. Most don’t get 12 volts, so don’t provide it with direct voltage to see if it’ll turn on.

Using a voltage meter, determine if there is any voltage present. If there isn’t, check the harness again. If the correct voltage is present at the end of the electrical circuit, it’s time to suspect the fuel volume regulator itself.



P0001 often appears with the following symptoms:

  • Check engine light
  • Limp mode
  • Slow/No start
  • Lack of power


Replacing the fuel volume regulator is usually pretty easy, but look for wiring issues first. Remember that if you do pull the FVR, you are exposing yourself to raw fuel. Be careful, and proceed at your own risk.