What to do if You Accidentally Put Premium Gas in your Car

If you accidentally put premium fuel in your car, it’ll be ok.  Your car run with it just fine.  The real problem occurs when you put regular into a car that requires premium. If you did put premium gas in your car, the only detrimental thing that happened was the lost money spent on fuel your car does not need.


Does Premium Do Anything Extra to Your Car?

No, premium fuel does not do anything special to a car that doesn’t require it. It will not add any extra power, or increase fuel economy. Your car was engineered to run on regular fuel.

The benefit of premium fuel to a car that requires it, is that it allows for a longer burn time. This allows for higher compression engines to run smoothly.


What Should You Do?

There’s nothing that you need to do, the fuel will burn off just fine. Just fill your car with regular next time you have to gas up and forget it ever happened.