Concerning Hondas…..

This is somewhat off of the subject for this site, but on the way home from Gulf Shores last week my wife’s 2008 Honda Fit(It married into my garage) lost 5th gear and the D light started blinking on the column.  It’ll go into a sort of limp mode.  We noticed some really rough shifts.   The part will mostly be referred to as the third clutch pressure switch or the transmission pressure switch It turns out that what worked for me was a really easy fix. I thought that although this site is for helping people with GM transmissions, an exception could be made since this still deals with transmissions in general.  So it turns out that Honda is aware of the issue.  They have updated the replacement part number.  Anyway, it’s not much of a gamble to swap this thing out if you are having similar issues.  You’ll be able to get to it pretty quick under the car with a 22 mm wrench.

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