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Transmission Fluid Change vs Flush

When a vehicle owner drives into any car maintenance facility, they may or may not know what services they really need to keep their car running smooth and efficiently.  It’s easy to be taken advantage of.  They may need the

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4l60e rebuild cost

Before digging right into 4L60E rebuild cost, it’s important to weigh whether or not a rebuild is even the right thing to do.  There is certainly a threshold of spend where it begins to make more sense to go with

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Useful Links

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Saginaw 4 Speed Identification

The Saginaw four speed transmission is a transmission that was used in a variety of GM cars in the 60’s. They were popular in the Muscle Car era. As a rule of thumb, they were not built to handle the

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4L80E Transmission Problems  

The 4L80E Transmission is a fully computer controlled transmission that comes bolted to the higher horsepower and torque trucks.  It is the overdrive successor to the 3L80(better known as the TH400 for most of it’s life).  It is significantly larger

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M30 Transmission

The M30 transmission is a variation of the venerable 4L60E transmission, and is manufactured by General Motors.  It has four forward gears, the third of which is a 30% overdrive.  M30 itself is a RPO code.  It stands for: M30: 

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700R4 4×4

The 700R4 is a very popular transmission in 4×4 trucks.  It is both proven and rugged.  They can be found all day long in the salvage yard at a very reasonable price.  If you are looking for one just keep

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Transmission Coolers

Many transmissions have a harder life than the manufacturer had originally intended.  Whether it has found life in a street machine, or it is in a tow truck, a transmission cooler can really help keep a transmission running better for

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What is an overdrive transmission

Before the invention of the overdrive transmission, the final gear would always be direct drive(1:1 gear ration).  So, you had to choose what you wanted out of your car.  This meant that all but the most aggressive cars came from

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Concerning Hondas…..

This is somewhat off of the subject for this site, but on the way home from Gulf Shores last week my wife’s 2008 Honda Fit(It married into my garage) lost 5th gear and the D light started blinking on the column.

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