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Transmission Fluid Change vs Flush

When a vehicle owner drives into any car maintenance facility, they may or may not know what services they really need to keep their car running smooth and efficiently.  It’s easy to be taken advantage of.  They may need the

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4l60e rebuild cost

Before digging right into 4L60E rebuild cost, it’s important to weigh whether or not a rebuild is even the right thing to do.  There is certainly a threshold of spend where it begins to make more sense to go with

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LS1 Transmission

The LS1 engine first made its debut in the 1997 Chevrolet Corvette.  One year later, it made its way to the  Camaro Firebird twins.   All automatic transmissions that the LS1 came with are computer controlled. The LS1 engines really used

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How to Check Transmission Fluid

Automatic transmissions are complex and confusing.  But, checking the transmission fluid certainly isn’t.  We’ll cover the two most vehicle types and where to look for the dipstick. Before you Begin Most manufacturers recommend that you check the transmission fluid with

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2003 Chevy Trailblazer Transmission

The 2003 Chevy Trailblazer was built on the same platform as the Colorado and GMC Canyon twins.  They were both rear wheel drive and used the same drivetrain components (for the most part).  Trailblazers used the 4L60e across the board

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What Color is Transmission Fluid

What’s in a color?  The answer is a ton of information when it comes to transmission fluid color.  It is one of the best ways to tell the overall health of your transmission. What does healthy transmission fluid look like?  The

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Limp Mode Causes and Solutions

Any automatic transmission made within the last 15 or 20 years is going to be a computer controlled.  And, just like a modern engine, the computer now knows when there’s something wrong with the transmission.  If the computer thinks that

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Signs of Torque Converter Problems

The torque converter is responsible for converting the energy generated by the engine at the flywheel and transferring it to an automatic transmission.  It functions in the same place in the driveline as a clutch would, creating a bridge between

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4L60E Transmission Problems

The 4L60E transmission is the direct descendent of the 700R4, and as such already had over a decade of refinement put into it before it ever even made it into production.  This means that even the early ones were pretty

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