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2004R VS 700R4 Differences

While both the 200-4R and the 700R4 came out at about the same time, there are quite a few differences between them.  The nice thing about them now is that while they both had their shortcomings when they were first

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700r4 vs 4L60E

The 700R4 and 4L60E transmission are not siblings.  It is better to think of them as the continuation of the same design.  From the early eighties until quite recently it has been in service in GM passenger vehicles and light

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4T65E Problems

The 4T65E is for the most part a fairly reliable transmission.  It is the successor to the 4T60E.  Variations of this transmission have been common since the 1980’s.  By the 2000’s most of the kinks were worked out.  But, like

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CV Joint Noise + Symptoms

What does a CV joint do anyway?  A CV joint (short for Constant-Velocity joint) transfers power to the wheels exactly like a drive shaft would on a rear wheel drive car.  The rub with a CV joint is that it

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How Long Does it Take To Replace a Transmission

Transmission replacement time can vary greatly between vehicle models and driveline types.  There’s no one size fits all answer to this question.  But, by focusing on the two types of driveline you’ll be working on, it’s possible to get a

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PO700 Code

  The PO700 trouble code is a code thrown out by an automatic transmission whenever it detects that there is trouble.  It is a general code.  This means that it should be accompanied by some other code that should tell

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What to do When Your Transmission Light Comes On

When the transmission light comes on it is important to pay attention to your vehicle. If your car or truck is still driving properly, it is not the time to panic.  We’ll help you determine what is wrong with your

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Automatic Transmission Won’t Go in Gear- Troubleshooting

Nothing is worse than sitting in a vehicle that won’t go anywhere.  It’s even worse when the engine is running , but the vehicle won’t move.  We’ll assume that you’ve found yourself in a situation where your automatic transmission car

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How do you know when your transmission is going out?

There comes a time in the life of any mechanical device, no matter how well maintained, that it’s going to go out.  Transmissions are certainly no exception. They are full of complex parts that just wear out eventually.  Knowing when

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Torque Wrench Buying Guide: How to Pick the Best

Any time that you undertake a serious automotive project, there is almost always a need for a torque wrench, espescially if you are going to rebuild the engine or transmission. Over tightening is just as bad as under tightening a

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