Toyota Fortuner BSM System: Meaning and Troubleshooting

Toyota Fortuner BSM

What is the BSM system?

BSM stands for Blind Spot Monitor, an advanced safety system in the Toyota Fortuner that helps drivers detect objects in their “blind spots.” This system uses sensors to monitor the area around your vehicle and will alert you if another vehicle enters your blind spot.

The BSM system also alerts you when a vehicle is approaching from behind at high speed. That feature is known as rear cross-traffic alert and turns on and off with the Fortuner’s BSM system.


How does the BSM System Work in the Toyota Fortuner?

Toyota Fortuner BSM system

The BSM system uses radar sensors to monitor the area around your vehicle. These sensors detect objects that enter your Fortuner’s blind spots and then alert you with an audible warning and a blinking light on the mirrors.

Additionally, when reversing, the rear-cross traffic alert will sound if it detects any vehicles approaching from either side of your Fortuner.

What is the Toyota Fortuner BSM Light?

The BSM light is a yellow light on your Fortuner’s side mirror that indicates the system has detected a vehicle in your blind spot.

The light will stay on as long as a vehicle is detected. The BSM light will flash if you signal that you are entering a lane the system detects a vehicle in.

When Does the BSM System Activate

On most Toyota models, the BSM system will activate when the vehicle reaches speeds over ten miles an hour. By default, the system turns on every time you start your Toyota.

How Do You Turn the BSM System Off

You can turn the BSM system off in your Fortuner in two ways. Be aware that turning off the BSM system also shuts the rear cross-traffic alert off.

Physical Switch

Turn BSM Off Toyota Fortuner
Here’s what a BSM switch looks like.

Some Toyota vehicles come with a physical switch. It’ll be labeled BSM or have a picture of a blind spot. If there is a physical button, it’ll be to the left of your Fortuner’s steering wheel. However, most models don’t have this button.


If your Toyota doesn’t have a physical switch for the BSM system, you can still turn it off in the menu. Here’s how:

  1. Select the gear icon in the steering wheel options
  2. Scroll to the BSM and Rear Cross Traffic Alert option
  3. Press OK to turn it on and off

How do you recalibrate the Toyota BSM system?

In the event that your Fortuner’s BSM radar system has an alignment issue, a qualified mechanic can recalibrate it with a scan tool. Here’s how to recalibrate the BSM system.

You should only do this if your Fortuner has been in a collision or you’ve had to repair part of the BSM system. Otherwise, the BSM system calibrates itself whenever you start the vehicle.

Toyota Fortuner BSM Not Working Causes

The most common reason the Toyota BSM system fails to work properly is if mud gets on the radar sensor.


The Toyota Fortuner’s blind spot monitoring system is incredibly reliable. If it isn’t working, you should check the radar sensors and make sure they are clean. Once you do this, you’ll need to restart the vehicle’s engine, and the BSM system will recalibrate itself.

Sensor Issue

If your Toyota Fortuner has taken damage where the BSM sensor is located, it’ll need to be taken to a shop to be recalibrated.