Opel Corsa:  SVC Tire Monitor

Your Opel Corsa is equipped with a tire pressure monitor system.  This system notifies you if the tire pressure is too low.  When you get the Service Tire Monitor warning, it indicates that there is a problem with the tire monitoring system itself.  Id does not mean that the tire pressure is (necessarily) too low.

If you do get this warning message, the first thing you should do is check the actual tire pressure.  This message can occur when the tire pressure is extremely low, or extremely high

Once you confirm that the tire pressure is normal (you can look on the inside of the driver’s door jam to see what the tire pressure should be), it is safe to drive the vehicle as though you don’t have a tire pressure monitoring system.  But, you will  need to check the tire pressure regularly until the system has been repaired.

SVC Tire Monitor Opel Corsa


Corsa SVC Tire Monitor Warning: Causes

Here are the most common reasons that the SVC Tire Monitor warning illuminates in the Corsa:

1. Tire Pressure Too High/Low

If the tire pressure is way outside of factory specs the SVC Tire Monitor warning can come on.  This is know to happen when the weather is extremely hot or cold.  Check the actual tire pressure and start from there.  The system will report if a tire is OVER INFLATED so don’t just eyeball it.

Opel Corsa SVC Tire Monitor Causes


2. Wrong Wheel

If you put a new wheel on your Corsa, you’ll need to have the tire pressure sensor migrated over to it or synced.  Otherwise, there’s nothing for the system to communicate with and the SVC Tire Monitor warning will populate in the message center.


3. Bad Tire Pressure Sensor

Your Corsa’s tire pressure sensor sits inside the wheel and is constantly checking the tire pressure.  The life of a tire pressure sensor is a tough one, and they do have batteries that can fail.  If you are driving a vehicle that is ten years old or older, the battery very well could be the cause of the sensor failure.  Unfortunately, replacing the sensor is usually the only way to fix it.


Conclusion:  SVC Tire Monitor Opel Corsa

Most tire shops will be able to handle replacing the TPMS sensor for you.  If you’d like to take a stab at it yourself, this article goes over how to identify which sensor is at fault, and how to go about resetting the TPMS system.  Just remember, as long as you are aware of the actual tire pressure in your Corsa, there is no immediate danger that comes from driving with the SVC tire monitor warning active.

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