Mitsubishi Montero P0325: Knock Sensor “1” – Circuit Malfunction

P0325 Mitsubishi Montero

P0325 is a powertrain OBDII trouble code that has the same meaning for the Mitsubishi Montero as it would any other vehicle. By definition, it means that the vehicles ECM/PCM isn’t getting the proper signal to or from the knock sensor. Clearing this code typically requires a new knock sensor or correcting a short or break in the wiring harness.

Modern internal combustion engines utilize the knock sensor to allow for aggressive timing. If the timing has gotten too aggressive it’ll cause the engine to knock. This sensor will let the computer know to dial back the timing.


P0325 Symptoms: Mitsubishi Montero

The symptoms associated with P0325 are going to vary by engine and model year. Without a signal from the knock sensor, many engines will curve the timing and power output to make sure that the engine is not knocking. The only other symptom that you’ll probably notice is the service engine soon light itself.

Mitsubishi Montero P0325 Causes and Diagnosis


P0325 Causes: Mitsubishi Montero

Most of the time, the fix for P0325 in the Montero (or most any vehicle) is going to come from replacing the knock sensor or repairing the wiring harness.


Wiring Harness

P0325 is telling you that the ECM/PCM is not getting the proper signal from the knock sensor. When this happens the computer will operate as though it is getting no signal from the sensor at all. A good place to start would be to check the wiring leading from the sensor and see if any of it has been damaged or frayed. Most of them bolt right into the block, which makes accessing them difficult. Their proximity to the engine block means that they are often susceptible to damage.

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Knock Sensor

If you find that the wiring harness is ok, and the code is still persistently registering, it is time to test and/or replace the knock sensor. There are guides out there on how to test a knock sensor, but they are very affordable. They can also take a little digging to get to, which makes replacing it the way to go.

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The most difficult part in fixing your Montero’s engine to clear the P0325 code is going to be finding room to maneuver and inspect the Knock Sensor and wiring harness. This can be tedious work. Good luck!