Nissan Cube P0122: TPS “A” Circuit Low Input

P0122 is a common trouble code with the Nissan Cube. It’s an OBDII code that references issues with the Throttle Position Sensor (TPS). It is relatively serious problem since it can leave your vehicle stranded or severely limited.


Nissan Cube P0122 Diagnosis


OBDII code P0122 is a serious problem that requires serious attention. Diagnosing it can be tricky without a good scanner and the knowledge of what you are doing. There’s a YouTube video below that shows how to go about diagnosis with a scanner.



P0122 Definition

P0122 will trigger in your Nissan Cube if it’s TPS “A” circuit is reporting a voltage number that is too low. It’s a general powertrain code, which means that it has the same meaning regardless of who manufactured the vehicles (1996+).


Nissan Cube P0122 Symptoms

Cube P0122 OBDII Code

The symptoms of P0122 are going to vary by year and model, but they certainly are going to cause noticeable changes in the way that your Cube runs. Without a proper signal from the TPS, your vehicle will compensate in a number of ways.

Here are the most common symptoms of P0122:

  • Throttle Response– It’ll hardly respond to the throttle at all. This limited power is a failsafe to keep the vehicle able to move, but not super fast. Since the ECM won’t really know how much throttle response is actually happening when you push the gas.
  • Idle Speed Issues– Without knowing exactly where the throttle is, the Cube’s computer may have a difficult time getting the idle speed just right.

P0122 Causes- Cube

P0122 Nissan Cube

There are a few issues that cause P0122. They are:

  • Wiring Issues– Since the TPS is so accessible, a great place to start is to do a visual inspection of the wiring and harness coming to it from the engine’s computer. Is there any damage? Here’s a great article on diagnosing a short circuit.
  • Bad TPS– There is a YouTube video above on how to diagnose a TPS sensor. If you need one they are pretty inexpensive on Amazon.
  • TPS not properly mounted– While not very common, it is possible the TPS sensor was not mounted properly. If you have recently replaced it and are getting P0122, it’s a good idea to check the replacement sensor instructions and see if they mention this at all.


Nissan Cube P0122 Diagnosis

A good mechanic will utilize a scanner to diagnose when the codes were set and reset them. They’ll then see if the problem comes back.

If it all checks out and the code comes back, they may go ahead and replace the TPS sensor in question. Most of the time, the problem when P0122 is thrown will be the TPS sensor itself. It no longer is accurately tracking how hard the fuel pedal is being pushed.

Diagnosing the issue with a scanner or having a mechanic take a look can save the expense of buying a TPS sensor that your Cube does not actually need.

Good luck diagnosing P0122 in your Nissan Cube. If there is anything that you would like to add, please leave a comment below.