How Many Spark Plugs Does a V6 Have?

The answer to the question, ‘how many spark plugs does a v6 have’, may not be as simple as it first appears. In general, there is one spark plug for each cylinder, so in the case of a v6, there would be six spark plugs.  This is true for about 99.5% of V6 engines.

There are a few notable exceptions in the higher end of the market, so the correct answer is it depends on your engine. The exact number of spark plugs in a V6 engine will depend on a few factors, such as your car’s make and model. Many car engines have twin-sparks, while others use dual-ignition technology.

Many modern V6 engines have a cover like this, which is going to need to come off to count the plugs.

In most cases, cars that have a V6 engine have six spark plugs. This article will answer the question, ‘how many spark plugs does a v6 engine have?’ We’ll discuss which engines have six spark plugs and which have more.


How to Determine the Amount of Spark Plugs in a V6

Most v6 engines have six spark plugs. However, some will have twelve. A twin spark engine will have twice as many spark plugs as a standard engine. For example, if you have a v6 twin spark engine, it will have twelve spark plugs.  Alfa Romeo, Mercedes, and Ford have been known to use this design.  It has never really caught on in the mainstream auto market due to the minimal gain it earned.

If you are going to the local parts store, they’ll be happy to sell you the proper amount of spark plugs.  


Count the Plug Wires

Spark Plug Wires in a V6
Count the plug wires to determine the amount of plugs in your V6. It’s almost always 6.

Almost ALL V6 engines have six spark plugs

To find out the number of spark plugs that your car’s engine has, you can inspect the engine bay. To do this, make sure your car is parked in a safe area on level ground. Then open the hood. This will allow you to count how many spark plug wires, also known as high-tension wires, are connected to the engine.

The spark plug wires will be on top of the engine cover if you have a car with an inline six-cylinder engine. If you have a v6 engine, they will be on both sides of the engine. Spark plug wires can vary in color but are generally black, blue, or red.

All you need to do to find out how many spark plugs your V6 engine has is count the wires. Most cars will have six wires, meaning that you need six spark plugs. If there are more than six wires, it’s likely your car has a dual-ignition engine or a twin-spark engine. These types of engine will most commonly have twelve spark plugs.


Coil Packs

How Many Spark Plugs in a V6
These coil packs are hiding the spark plugs. 1 coil pack = 1 spark plug

If there are no spark plug wires at all, your engine is using what’s called coil on ignition.  The coil packs sit directly on top of the spark plug, making the spark plugs impossible to count.  There is one spark plug per coil pack.


How to tell whether your spark plugs need to be replaced

The job of the spark plugs is to create a ‘spark’ that starts the combustion process. If a spark plug is faulty, your engine won’t run effectively or will refuse to start. It’s important that your spark plugs remain in good condition; otherwise, you won’t be able to drive or start your car. If the car does eventually start, it won’t run as smoothly as it should.

If the spark plugs are damaged or faulty, this will cause the vehicle’s engine to shake or vibrate. Faulty spark plugs can also cause problems with acceleration, and you may find that you have to push harder on the gas pedal to get the car to run smoothly.

You’ll likely get an OBD2 diagnostic code related to the spark plugs as well.  P0300 means that there is a “random” misfire coming from all of the spark plugs, coil packs, or plug wires.

P030X indicates that there is a cylinder specific misfire.  In this situation the X represents the cylinder that is misfiring.  The most common reason this code is thrown is a bad spark plug.

On the left is a fouled spark plug. on the right is the exact same type of plug new.


Spark Plug Life Span in a V6

Spark plugs generally have a long life span, but they do need to be replaced occasionally. There are two different kinds of spark plugs: conventional spark plugs and long-life spark plugs (typically made with iridium).

Conventional spark plugs will need to be replaced after you’ve driven between 30,000 to 50,000 miles. Long-life spark plugs contain platinum or iridium in their tips, which extends their lifespan. They still need to be replaced every 50,000 to 120,000 miles.

It’s a good idea to consult your car’s owner’s manual to determine which type of spark plug your vehicle has and how often it should be changed. As not all vehicles or engines are the same, they will have different kinds of spark plugs. Not all engines need long-life spark plugs.

The cost of replacing spark plugs is relatively low.



Most conventional V6 engines have six spark plugs. There’s one spark plug for each cylinder. However, it depends on the type of engine in your car as some makes and models have twin spark engines that require twelve spark plugs. If you’re unsure how many spark plugs your car’s engine requires, you can check your vehicle’s owner manual or ask a mechanic.

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