Ford Explorer Fuel Pump Costs: An Analysis of Prices

The fuel pump in your Ford Explorer is a critical component that facilitates the flow of fuel from the tank to the engine. It is an electrically operated device located either inside the fuel tank or attached to the fuel tank’s outer side.

If your Ford Explorer experiences difficulties starting, encounters sputtering, or the engine stalls, these may be signs of a failing fuel pump.

Typical Lifespan:

Generally, a fuel pump is designed to last the lifetime of your vehicle. However, it can fail due to several factors such as contamination, fuel starvation, or electrical issues. Regular maintenance can help prevent premature failure.

Replacement Cost:

The cost of a replacement fuel pump for a Ford Explorer can vary. Factors influencing price include:

  • Model year
  • Fuel pump brand
  • Labor costs
FactorsApproximate Cost Range
Fuel Pump Part$190 – $600
Labor$120 – $260
Total Cost$310 – $860*

*Prices may vary based on location and service provider.

Part Selection:

For optimal performance, you should select a high-quality replacement part that is compatible with your Ford Explorer’s model year. Numerous aftermarket options provide a balance between cost efficiency and reliability.


Installation generally requires technical expertise. It is advisable to seek service from a certified mechanic or an authorized Ford dealership. This ensures that your new fuel pump is installed correctly and functions as intended.

Pricing Details

When considering the replacement of a fuel pump in your Ford Explorer, the cost can be influenced by various factors and can vary widely from one mechanic or retailer to another.

Cost Factors for Fuel Pump

Vehicle Model Year:

The model year of your Ford Explorer can affect the price of the fuel pump. Newer models may require more expensive parts than older models.

Part Type:

You can choose between OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts and aftermarket parts. OEM parts tend to be more costly.

Labor Costs:

The complexity of installation can affect labor costs. Rates also vary by location and the mechanic’s experience.

Shop Supplies and Taxes:

Additional fees may include shop supplies and local taxes.

Price Comparison and Averages

OEM Fuel Pump: $400 – $600

Aftermarket Fuel Pump: $200 – $300

Labor Costs: $100 – $150 per hour

Remember, these are average prices; they can vary based on the factors above. Your specific case might result in costs that are either higher or lower than the mentioned averages.

Installation and Replacement

To ensure the efficiency of your Ford Explorer, a proper installation or replacement of the fuel pump must be conducted by a professional or with adequate know-how and tools.

Installation Process

Replacing the fuel pump in your Ford Explorer involves several steps that should be followed carefully:

  1. Safety Precautions: Disconnect the battery to prevent any electrical accidents.
  2. Access the Pump: Remove the gas tank to reach the fuel pump.
  3. Removal: Take out the old fuel pump carefully.
  4. Installation: Position the new fuel pump and seal it properly to avoid leaks.
  5. Reassembly: Reattach the gas tank and connect the battery.

Labor Costs

Service Centers:

  • Standard Fee: Usually between $220 to $260.
  • Dealerships: Typically charge more, about $280 to $320.

Circumstances altering costs:

  • Location
  • Model year of your Ford Explorer

DIY Installation Tips

If you’re experienced with car maintenance, you might consider replacing the fuel pump on your own. Here’s some advice:

  • Read the manual: Your Ford Explorer’s manual contains crucial information specific to your model.
  • Quality Parts: Invest in a high-quality fuel pump to avoid future issues.
  • Use proper tools: Ensure you have the right tools before you start. A jack, stands, and a torque wrench are essential.
  • Check Connections: After installation, check all electrical and fuel line connections for security.