Chevy Spark Code 95: Meaning + Causes

Code 95 in the Chevy Spark is a somewhat common code for this car. It indicates that the airbag system is not working.  With this code, the airbag will not deploy in the event of an accident.  So you should make repairing it a top priority.

The most common causes of code 95 are damage to the wiring harness or the seat sensor.  

Chevy Spark Code 95 Causes 

Chevy Spark Code 95 Diagnosis

Here are the common causes of Chevy Spark Code 95 and how to go about diagnosing it.  It’s a common code, but not as common as code 82.

1. Disconnect the Battery

Disconnect the battery for 10 minutes.  This allows any power that may be stored in the airbag module to drain.  While it may seem like overkill, you don’t want to get popped by the airbag while trying to clear this code.

It should be a 10mm socket to loosen the battery cable.

2. Inspect the Wiring Harness (VERY LIKELY)

The airbag sensors are underneath your Sparks seats.  Damage to this wiring harness is the number one reason that code 95 is thrown.

The harness is damaged by the seat sliding back and forth, things being jammed under the seats or liquid damage.

Take your time and inspect the wiring harness.  Get a good flashlight, or use your phone’s light to look over every inch of the wiring harness.  Look at the passenger and driver’s side wiring.  Either seat can cause code 95.

Look at where the harness plugs into the modules under the seats.  If you slide your seat back and forth a lot, the harness can fray right where it plugs into the module.  Sometimes the cut is completely clean (and therefore very tough to see).

The wiring harness has even been known to unplug from the module under the seat entirely  That’s easy to see.  But, sometimes it just loosens up a bit and still looks entirely plugged in.  Make sure that it is snugged all the way into the module.

3. Seat Sensor

If the seat sensors aren’t working, the airbag light will come on.  It’s way more likely that the sensor has wiring damage than it actually being bad.

If the seat sensor is bad, you’ll need to replace the entire lower seat cushion.

4. Airbag Module

It’s not very likely that the airbag module has gone bad.  If it has, you’ll likely have a check engine light with a body-related trouble code.


Code 95 in the Chevy Spark is more than likely caused by a disconnected or damaged wiring harness under the seats.  Good luck!

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