Chevy Sonic: Code 82 → Meaning + Reset

A common question that a new Chevy Sonic owner will eventually ask is “what’s code 82“?  This code means that you need to change your oil soon. It specifically means that the oil life has reached the 5% and less threshold.  You’ll often see it for the first time if you or the oil shop forgot to reset the oil life meter.

Chevy Sonic Code 82


Chevy Sonic Code 82 Reset

If your Sonic needs an oil change, it’s important to reset the oil change light when it has been completed.

  1. Turn the Key On
  2. Press the menu button until you get to “oil life’
  3. It’ll say reset
  4. Press the Set/CLR button until the oil life goes back up to 100%
  5. You’re done

Depending on the model year, there are two menu interfaces you’ll need to reset code 82.  Older model Sonics use dedicated menu buttons for the task.  Newer models reset the code by using the turn signal stalk.  Either way, the process is the same.  There are two YouTube videos below that show you exactly how to accomplish this for either model.


Conclusion:  Chevrolet Sonic Code 82

Code 82 is letting you know that you need to change your Sonic’s oil.  Resetting the light is easy, just make sure that you actually had the oil change done if it needed it.  Good luck!