P2187 DTC Code: System Lean at Idle “Bank 1”

P2187 is a DTC code that can occur in any vehicle.  It indicates the air fuel mixture is too lean at idle. The technical definition for P2187 “System too lean at Idle: Bank 1”.  The code is thrown after the oxygen sensor on Bank 1 (usually sensor 1) has detected that the air fuel mixture … Read more

P2181: Cooling System Performance

P2181 indicates that there’s an observed cooling system temperature that is too high or too low. It will come up in the scan tool as “Cooling System Performance”. The trouble with P2181 is that by itself, it’s not narrowing much down.  There could be a problem with the cooling system, temperature sensor, or even the … Read more

H11 vs 9005: A Thorough Overview

If you’re interested in vehicles, you may have got into a discussion about which bulbs are best. Many mechanics are car enthusiasts discuss the H11 vs 9005. The 9005 and H11 are both lightbulbs that are commonly used in the headlights of cars and other vehicles. These bulbs both work well in their own right … Read more

Brake Lights Stuck On: Causes & What to Do

It is both frustrating and unsafe if your brake lights are stuck on.  The most common reason that they stay on is a brake light switch that has failed. How Brake Lights Work Brake lights work by having an electric current sent to the brake pedal switch at all times (even with the vehicle off). … Read more

Honda “Check Fuel Cap” Warning Causes

Check Fuel Cap Fix

A very common message to see when driving a Honda made vehicle is “Check Fuel Cap”.  This message obviously wants you to check the fuel cap to make sure that it is on and secured.  Why though?     Meaning The check fuel cap indicator means that the EVAP system has detected a leak.  Far … Read more

VSC Light Meaning and Diagnosis

The VSC (Vehicle Stability Control) system is a traction control system designed by Toyota and is used on many of their cars and trucks.  Like any other electronics system in a vehicle, it can malfunction.  We’ll go over how it works and what can cause it to malfunction below.   How Does VSC Work? The … Read more

P0171 and P0174: What it Means When These Codes are Together

P0171 and P0174 both indicate that there is a lean condition present in the vehicle.  By themselves, they are some of the most common OBD II codes.  When they are together, it indicates that the entire engine is running lean. Definition Both of these codes are generic, which means they have the same meaning regardless … Read more

GM “Battery Saver Active” (Meaning + Diagnosis)

Many modern GM made vehicles have a battery saver feature.  If you are getting a “battery saver active” message, it means that your car or truck has detected that the voltage in the electrical system is less than 11.7 volts.  This is over a volt off of the normal system voltage of around 13- 14 … Read more

P0031: O2 Sensor → Heater Control Circuit → Low (B1S1)

P0031 is a fairly common OBD II trouble code. It’s generic, which means that it applies to any vehicle made since 1996. As far as trouble codes go, this is a relatively easy one to diagnose. It is usually caused by a bad oxygen sensor, or a wiring issue.     Table of Contents 1. P0031 Definition 2. P0031 … Read more