4L60e rebuild cost

Before digging right into 4L60E rebuild cost, it’s important to weigh whether or not a rebuild is even the right thing to do.  There is certainly a threshold of spend where it begins to make more sense to go with a “new” transmission.  We will answer your question immediately below, and we’ll go over other … Read more4L60e rebuild cost

LS1 Transmission

The LS1 engine first made its debut in the 1997 Chevrolet Corvette.  One year later, it made its way to the  Camaro Firebird twins.   All automatic transmissions that the LS1 came with are computer controlled. The LS1 engines really used two different transmissions.  Those were:   T56– This transmission is the manual option on all … Read moreLS1 Transmission

How to Check Transmission Fluid

Automatic transmissions are complex and confusing.  But, checking the transmission fluid certainly isn’t.  We’ll cover the two most vehicle types and where to look for the dipstick. Before you Begin Most manufacturers recommend that you check the transmission fluid with the engine at operating temperature.  So make sure that you’ve done that.  If you’re not … Read moreHow to Check Transmission Fluid

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